Cool, Fortnite Gamers Can Repay Mother Education Loans – It’s no secret, playing games can now make a lot of money. Especially if the player is a  professional gamer .

Not long ago it was reported, professional Fortnite gamer Aydan Conrad managed to pay off his mother’s student loan thanks to playing the game.

Citing Ubergizmo , Thursday (1/30/2020), the success of paying the debt of the mother thanks to the Fortnite game he had done.

Conrad used his ability to play games to pay off his mother’s education loan plus live steraming throughout the game so that his followers could see it .

Because of the support of his followers, Conrad managed to make enough money to pay off the debt.


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It is estimated, Conrad has received prizes worth more than USD 160 thousand during his career as a professional Fortnite gamer .

In addition, Conrad is also a content creator on Twitch who always earns income from it.

Just for information, at first, Conrad’s mother was skeptical that her son could not pay his student loan . Because the loan is not a federal debt. His mother thought, student loans should not be paid by other people, even though it could.

It is not mentioned how much the mother’s remaining debt, but many people assume, education loans can be very burdening financially.

According to the United States Department of Education, there are an estimated 42.9 million borrowers in the US who are responsible for USD 1.5 trillion student loans.

The amount is certainly a lot of numbers, especially if combined with other commitments such as mortgages, bills, and others.

The amount can be very impossible to pay off at once.

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