PUBG Mobile Down server because of Corona Virus

PUBG Mobile Down server because of Corona Virus – In the middle of the Chinese New Year holiday season, many residents in China are shut up at home because of the deadly corona virus in Wuhan.

To connect with friends and family, many of them are turning to online games – one of which is PUBG Mobile .

Suddenly a surge of players flooded one of Tencent’s ( PUBG publisher ) servers over the weekend.

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Most of them are trying to get into Game for Peace, the PUBG Mobile version in China, while others have difficulty joining the match.

“Watching movies is canceled, gatherings are canceled, hot springs are not there. Now I just want to play games, but that also fails,” wrote one influencer on Weibo, Tiyuxiaoqiao as reported by Abacusnews, Tuesday (1/28/2020) .

Tencent then immediately responded to gamers ‘ complaints . In a post -an do Weibo, the company said that they had fixed the problem and were trying to expand the server’s capacity.

PUBG Mobile x Resident Evil 2. (Doc: PUBG Mobile)
“The enthusiasm of gamers is extraordinary, so a small problem occurs,” said the Shenzhen-based company.

Tencent then offered the player a number of prizes in the form of skins in GIM, including a ‘rabbit pajama costume’ to make amends.

An observer said the surge in traffic was expected to occur during the Lunar New Year holiday, given that many public events, attractions and theaters were closed due to the corona virus.

“The surge in traffic in online games is booming, but Tencent might be able to deal with it quickly, despite the extraordinary circumstances,” said Charlie Moseley, founder of the Chengdu Gaming Federation.

The fall of the PUBG server could make the hashtag #GameForPeaceCollapsed stick out on Weibo social media. The hashtag has become one of the most sought after and garnered more than 150 million views .

Game for Peace is not the only gym that has surged in recent days.

British strategy game Plague Inc. it is also one of the most downloaded games in China because of its gloomy portrayal of a deadly virus that infects people around the world.